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Should Victims Embrace Docile Victimhood? Or Fight Back?

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Should Victims Embrace Docile Victimhood? Or Fight Back?

Post by Marnie on Fri May 22, 2009 12:24 pm

I am death on people telling the victim that it's a sin to fight back.
They are pressuring the victim to do the very thing that causes victims
to suffer terrible shame in the aftermath of abuse -- give themselves
up to it.

That shame we feel at doing so
is an infallible indicator that it's wrong. No one needs a book or a
preacher to tell them what's right and wrong. We KNOW that's wrong.
Deep down inside we feel how wrong it is to give ourselves up to abuse.
Doing so makes us feel like a worm. A doormat. We know it's lack of
backbone. We sense the prostitution in it. We feel utterly degraded by

The only excuse for it is
being subjected to overwhelming force so that we haven't the power to
resist. Which is rape. Which is why we feel deeply violated by it.
Whether it's sexual rape or any other kind.

So, we know that we must resist when we can. If only for the sake of our self respect.

And anyone who tells us that we shouldn't fight the aggressor might as well order us to be a self masochist who injures himself

By write Kathy Krajco

Entire article here...


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