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Those Who Sympathise With A Predator

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Those Who Sympathise With A Predator

Post by Marnie on Fri May 22, 2009 12:05 pm

by Kathy Krajco

...Since when is it good to be friendly with bad people? Since when is winking at their wrongdoing a virtue?

Perhaps someone can quote chapter and verse in the comments, because
holier-than-thous really deserve to have their religion's true
teachings show what frauds their twisting of religious doctrine makes
them. In the New Testament, in Revelations, I believe, in one of the
letters to the churches, some holier-than-thou Christians are read the
riot act for that very same pretense.

The author unloads both barrels at them with this truth:
"Good people are not lukewarm toward evil" it says.

Cowards are.

Loving good is hating evil. And vice versa. Love is an attraction; hate
a repulsion. But that is too simple for complex people to understand.

Now I am not saying that we must reject everyone not perfect, for then
we would reject everyone, including ourselves. But decent people need
no instruction. There is a point at which behavior becomes predatory
and malicious - a point at which one is morally obligated to separate
themselves from that person.

You thus take away a bad actor's
safety in numbers. You show disapproval. You discourage others from
behaving the same way. You comfort the victim by showing him or her
that the pain caused them by the bad guy matters to you.

Is any of that evil?

It's just a way of discouraging the harm the bad guy is doing others by
showing that you want nothing to do with someone who hurts others like

Where is the sin in that, pray tell? Sounds like fine, upstanding conduct to me.

Jesus of Nazareth spoke of this when he said that "indecent conduct" is
a special case and justification for divorce even. At the time, the
terms "indecent" or "lewd" conduct simply meant "lowdown" or
"despicable" conduct of any sort.

And that statement of his, qualifying his disapproval of divorce, is just common sense.

Why? Let's say you are married to a Mafia boss. Is it right for you
live in his big fancy house, being waited on by his hired staff? Is it
right for you to PROFIT from the crimes he commits and ther damage he
does to people?

To the contrary:
it is immoral for you not to divorce him when you find out what he is.

The same people who make a virtue of "accepting" abusive narcissists,
relentlessly persecute anyone for any hint of racism or sexism. THAT
they won't tolerate. They wouldn't DREAM of tolerating anything
politically incorrect like that.

But though they know and believe that the narcissist has brutally abused you, they see no reason to show any disapproval of that.

Hmmm. Whom do they think they're fooling?

They make nothing of that narcissist's abuse of you. They countenance it.

If instead they rejected the narcissist, they would be doing the one
small thing they could to get on the right side, the victim's side.

they abandon the victim and smile in the abuser's face.

Not so holy as they pretend.


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